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April 2022 Award Winners


In the Wordismo application in April, the winners of the leaderboard were announced!

Based on scores obtained from April 1 to April 30  dates only.

A screenshot of the "month" category on the score table in the Wordismo application was taken on April 30 and shared on this page. In addition, award winners will be announced on Wordismo Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Winners can contact us at the following accounts to claim the prize: 


Instagram: @wordismoapp

Twitter: @wordismo


*Gift Cards will be sent via Papara application. You can find information about the use of gift cards at this link:

**Awards are distributed by Wordismo application. Udemy, Apple, Inc. Google Inc. It is not related to Papara and Trendyol.

***Wordismo reserves the right to make changes in the campaign.

150 TL Trendyol Gift Card for the 1st

Trendyol gift card worth 150 TL for the 1st of the month in April 2022 points ranking (Papara)

100 TL Trendyol Gift Card for the 2nd

Trendyol gift card worth 100 TL (Papara) for the 2nd of the month in April 2022 points ranking

3.   50 TL Trendyol Gift Card

Trendyol gift card worth 50 TL (Papara) for the 3rd of the month in April 2022 points ranking

Udemy Course for anyone in the Top 15

Everyone who is in the top 15 in the April 2022 rankings will receive a Udemy course of their choice. You can choose your gift from the list below.

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