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  • What is wordismo?
    Wordismo is an English vocabulary learning and quiz application that you can download from Apple Store and Google Play to your IOS and Android devices. Thanks to the word cards, you will be able to learn words at every level and reinforce what you have learned with quizzes. At the same time, you will be able to win various prizes with the points you get in the quizzes.
  • Will the app work on my device?
    Wordismo application is produced for both IOS and Android devices. You can try to download the Wordismo application from the App Store or Google Play to find out if it is suitable for your device.
  • What age group does it appeal to?
    The application appeals to all age groups.
  • How can I reach you?
    For any feature request or collaboration, you can contact us through the application or by filling out the form on our website. You can also follow our social media accounts and send us a direct message.
  • How can I track the awards?
    You can be the winner of the week or month with the points you earn in the Wordismo app. You can follow the announcements from our social media accounts and announcements within the application. We also recommend keeping app notifications turned on.
  • How Can I Study Word Cards?
    The word cards in the application are divided according to the levels. After entering the word card you want to work with, swipe right if you know the word that appears, and swipe left if you don't. The words you know will not appear again. The words you have marked as "I don't know" will always appear before you. You can press the card to turn its back and see its Turkish. You will also see the sample sentence of the word at the bottom of the screen. When you turn the card, that sentence will also be translated into your language.
  • Can I Reset My Progress on Word Cards?
    After entering the word card category, you will see the reset progress button. After clicking there, your progress in that category will be reset and you will be able to start over.
  • How Do I Solve Quizzes?
    After entering the View Quizzes section in the application, you can select the category you want to take the test and start solving the questions. Each quiz has its own point system. Solving the tests appropriate for your level will allow you to test and reinforce the words you have learned in that section. In addition, with the points you collect in the quizzes, you can rise in the leaderboard and win various prizes.
  • How can I use the dictionary?
    After entering the dictionary section in the application, you can use the English - Turkish or Turkish - English option. After typing the word you want to search, you will be given the form of the word, its English explanation, its use in an example sentence, synonyms and its Turkish equivalent.
  • What Do Diamonds Do?
    You can get additional lives and continue solving quizzes by using diamonds in the app. You can also double the scores you get from the quizzes. You can buy jokers with your diamonds and use these jokers while solving quizzes. To earn diamonds, you can watch rewarded ads and buy diamonds from the store.
  • What Do Jokers Do?
    You can use 4 different wildcards while solving quizzes. You can skip, halve options, tick two ticks, and use the additional time wildcards once per quiz. To win jokers, select the joker store after entering the store in the application. Jokers can only be purchased using diamonds.
  • What is gold used for?
    Collect points by solving quizzes in the Wordismo application and rise in the leaderboard with your points. Earn reward gold every day based on your ranking. You can claim rewards with the gold you earn. For this, go to "Awards" on the Wordismo website. You can visit the page and get detailed information.
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